Reframe Softtech Pvt Ltd caters dedicated services to its unique customers. All the services are customary and need based at Reframe Softtech. Our main objective is to manage a million record direct mail or to convert a room full of paper forms into electronic format, the company’s data processing and updation services will meet your requirement for data accuracy, turnaround time and cost.

We provide best solutions to any kind of industry or company to bring down their cost, by minimizing their process and cost with good controls and with a limited number of staffs and output within a very short span. The company’s work incorporates Image data conversion and a combination of key-from-image, advanced data capture and recognition technologies to achieve greater forms processing accuracy and efficiency.

Image Based Solutions
Any document hardcopy including physical bank chqs can be scanned and data captured are processed as per the client requirements. We are open and well experienced in any image based solutions to our clients.

PSBC Management Solutions
PSBC is a peculiar process of printing Payee name, date, amount in word & figures in the physical chqs and carrying out the banking process as per the client requirements.

Post Dated Cheques (PDC) End to End Solutions
We provide best & easy solutions for vaulting and banking any bank cheques. We currently process and vault about 30 million chqs out of which more than 3.5 million chqs processed for banking per month. This process includes any loan based customers loan file document management too.

We provide services for all the banking process such as:
  • Post Dated Cheques (PDC) and Non Post Dated Cheques (NPDC) Cheque Process & Banking
  • Post Dated Cheques (PDC) Vault Management
  • Post Dated Cheques (PDC) Related Document & File Management (Process & Vaulting)
  • ECS Mandate Verification
  • ECS Banking Process
  • Cheque Truncation Process
  • Cheque Image Scanning (Both front & back)
  • Any Banking Reconciliation
  • Chq Image Data Capture
  • Document image data capture
  • Anywhere Banking Telephonic Follow-up
  • PSBC Cheque Printing & Banking Process
  • Bounce Cheque Image Data Capture & Process
  • Telecom Related Cheque Banking Process
  • Telecom Related Any Paper / Image Document Processing
  • Bulk Email (same message to different ids or different message to different ids
    with or without attachments)
  • Bulk SMS (same message to diff. No’s or different message to different No’s)
  • Man Power Supply as per Client Requirements
  • Any Telephonic Follow-up and Mailers
  • Credit / Debit card applications processing
  • Loans processing
  • Documentation management, Records maintenance
  • Loan Form Data Entry
  • Collateral Checks
  • Bank DD process (Local & Anywhere)
  • Bank Deposit Slip data entry & processing

Insurance Process
Insurance commitment is a process of long bondage and services. Insurance services is an honored service which covers the life risk of the people. This genuine service process is keenly followed by Reframe Softtech Pvt Ltd team for its valued customers.

The Insurance process services provided are:
  • Email Management
  • Bulk Email (same message to different ids or different message to different ids
    with or without attachments)
  • Bulk SMS (same message to diff. No’s or different message to different No’s)
  • Man Power Supply as per Client Requirements
  • Any Telephonic Follow-up and Mailers
  • Insurance Document Processing

We provide BPO services such as:
  • Data Mining
  • Data Format Conversion
  • Data Warehousing
  • Online Query Resolution (Web)
  • Email Management
  • Bulk Email
  • Bulk SMS (same message to diff. No’s or different message to different No’s)
  • Man Power Supply as per Client Requirements
  • Survey Form Data Capture (with Hard copy or Images)
  • Any Telephonic Follow-up and Mailers
  • Online and Offline Data Capture
  • Business Documents and Records processing / Management
  • Scanning and OCR to text Conversions
  • Numeric Based Doc. (hard / image) Data Capture and Report Generation
  • Any Software Developments
  • Efficiency Expertise Service

Machinery Solutions
Reframe Softtech Pvt Ltd has solutions for all of your machinery needs. With hundreds of quality new and used machines in stock, Reframe Softtech Pvt Ltd provides you with the right solutions and services. Our machinery solutions cater to the needs such as: Selling Jogger Machine (For Cheques & Documents) for BPO’s & for any Banking Sector.

Services Provided
  • Invoice processing
    High sales volume is a sign of success for any company. Invoice is the other name for sales and it involves its own time and dedication. We at Reframe Softtech Pvt Ltd take the pleasure to serve you on the Invoice processing for your company.
  • Finance Outsourcing
    Outsourcing the financial operations of a company can manage cost savings and concentrate more on their core competencies. Hence, Reframe Softtech Pvt Ltd enables its esteemed customers to procure the quality financial services and save their precious time.
  • Accounts Receivables and Payables
    Any customaries bought and yet to be paid are due for account receivables. These receivables usually come in the form of operating lines of credit and are usually due for maintenance. Accounts payable are often referred to as ‘payables’. The accounts payable entry is found on a balance sheet and these balance sheets need maintenance. These jobs are successfully oriented by a dedicated team at Reframe Softtech Pvt Ltd.
  • Billing
    A company must focus on improving productivity and at the same time cut down costs since the current market trend is increasingly fluxing. Outsourcing your billing services can help you unburden some of your responsibilities and enables you to concentrate on your core business activities. We at Reframe Softtech Pvt Ltd take care of all your billing requirements and services.
  • Insurance Outsoursing
    Reframe Softtech Pvt Ltd is also a leading source for Insurance Outsourcing. We maintain the largest databases of the Insurance outsourcing experts and Insurance Outsourcing Projects of the web. The insurance outsourcing practices and state-of-the-art facilities so you have more time to spend on strategic programs.

Other Offerings from Us:
With increasing pressure from competition, it has become a necessity for banking and financial services to be implemented through process networks. Through effective processing one can maximize the profits of a system. Align your goals and increase the company’s agility to deliver greater support and services to your clients through Reframe Softtech’s successful banking processes

Other BPO Process
Reframe Softtech Pvt Ltd BPO is an end-to-end outsourcing services provider. We address your business challenges through our integrated business process outsourcing solutions.

Efficiency Expertise Service
In the present scenario, time is money wasting which would cost millions for any organizations. The streamlining of work along with time management effectively is a beneficial factor at various levels. This is where the efficiency expert comes in.

We, at Reframe Softtech Pvt. Ltd, as efficiency experts, will evaluate all the areas of a company’s infrastructure and provide effective solutions for all your needs such as; cost management, effectiveness, customer durability, time management etc. We're the Efficiency Experts, offering companies worldwide strategic business efficiency consulting.

Why choose efficiency experts?
Reframe Softtech Pvt. Ltd. is committed to the norms of fineness and innovation. With immense knowledge in this area and with potential experience, we serve our clients through investing into their long term success while building lasting association.

How we do it?
A dedicated team of expertise at Reframe Softtech Pvt. Ltd. will study the industry trends and the market in the client’s area and also research on the product of the company and based on this research generate an effective solution that would essentially support all of the clients’ needs.
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